{ How We Work }

At  OPEN BLUE CONSULTING we tailor our approach to the needs and circumstances of each client. Recognizing that every project is unique based on culture, history, and ambition, we design processes and outcomes that meet our clients’ needs. Open Blue works on a diversity of projects from large to small, long to short term, simple to complex. We are committed to hands-on personalized service, and where appropriate, pull together additional resources best suited to a project with an emphasis on collaboration and expertise in the field.

Client Testimonials

"Open Blue provides a rare combination of strategic insight, grassroots sensitivity and an ability to link to extensive networks in the community, philanthropic, social change and environmental milieus. If your organization is trying to make the world a better place – you have an idea or a set of values but need help mapping out how to get from here to there - look no further. The service we received was not only prompt and professional; Open Blue was able to take our many disparate grains of sand – ideas, values, cautions – and artfully form them into a smooth mirror reflecting back to us a clear picture of how we can strengthen philanthropy in Canada. "

— James Stauch, The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

"On the many committees we share, I have been deeply impressed by Ruth’s quiet fortitude, the depth of her integrity, her clarity of vision, and her passionate articulation of the imperatives for action. These skills, coupled with an uncanny ability to place effective levers of change where they most need to be, make Ruth one of Canada’s great assets in ‘giving forward’ to create a healthy and just future for our communities. "

— Nina-Marie Lister, PLANDFORM

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth on several projects over the past three years. In that time, Ruth has never failed to exceed expectations. Without her efforts, I do not believe that the Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples would have become the effective organization which it is today. She is an extremely efficient project manager, disarming in dealing with potentially difficult interpersonal situations, and creative in addressing complex issues.  Ruth gets the job done with unfailing positive humanness. "

— Stephen Couchman, The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

"The Feasibility Report Open Blue produced for us was not only comprehensive in scope, but tremendously insightful as well. The study proved to be a critical guiding document for the board’s consideration helping TCF make an important strategic decision—a decision that was informed by qualitative and quantitative data that emerged from Ruth’s research. I highly recommend Open Blue to any organization that recognizes the value that a fresh, discerning, research-based perspective can bring to strategic decision making. "

— Dr. Michael Simmonds, Interim Executive Director, The Curriculum Foundation